Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ice Cold

the room was.. A tinge of warm light of unknown origin filled the otherwise dead chamber. Ice covered the walls, like flawless mirrors they mock him. His reflections.. monstrosities..

Only human. How could he be worthy of the great treasure he seeks?

And there it was. Encased in a throne of ice. So alluring, tangible, just within reach. It's beauty second to none, save the warm light he follows.

So close.. yet so far..

His fingers ran across the dry frozen surface of its prison. No sign of melting. Surely there must be a way..

Its artist, a master of all, apprentice to none. His works are elusive, yet always finding their way into the hands of those who seek them hard enough.

Surely.. there must be a way...

The warm guiding light.. perhaps...


Friday, August 03, 2012


He walked into the chamber.

Crimson. Everywhere he looked, it's as though a blood-red veil covered his eyes. The painting eluded his sight. A portrait of royalty. All his life he sought after the masterpiece, all his life he wondered, wondered if he had wasted a lifetime chasing a children's fairytale. Sometimes it would come within his grasp, only to vanish before his very eyes.

So close, yet so far, he would always think. Perhaps if I were to look harder..

He groped in the crimson-lit darkness. Perhaps a little light may guide my way he thought. He searched, for even the tiniest streak of unblemished light could mean the difference between hope and despair.


A powerful friend, a deadly force. Holding on to it, you just might get what you asked for. Grasp on to it, and you find despair, a bitter companion to your very soul.

Alas! A twinkle of light caught his eye, or at least he thought. Could it be? It came from beneath an old door. Abandoned and forgotten. What horrors or dangers could be lying beyond the wooden-framed panel?

'What do I have to lose?' he chuckled. Bitterly.

He reached out for the knob. Rust and mold filled his fingers.

The door opened.

He walked into the chamber...

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I'm bound to write something here sooner or later.

Watch this space.

It might (never) happen.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I know I wrote this in my facebook, but sometimes I really think I should be doing something else. Why did I decide to pursue music? I've been around music since I was alive. It's probably the only thing I know, or rather have a qualification in. It's not like I can't live without music. I don't love music THAT much. I don't spend 6 hours practicing my instrument. So, logically speaking, since I do not love music that much, I shouldn't be pursuing it as a career right?

I've never been able to compete with peers of my same level. It always seems that I have a reputation to live up to, having a musically-inclined family background. Any career options to do with music will only have to start with a blooming performing/solo debut. Going straight to teaching will seem like a failure and defeat in the face of overwhelming standards that I am not able to live up to. So what's next?

It's not like I can start a teaching career now anyway. I'm not even done with my studies. That is if I can even find a university in the first place. Should I even try to continue this path? Is it worth the sweat, money, time and embarrassment, when results are not even guaranteed, and when there are, they just aren't good enough?

I am, and always will be, just another guy trying to play the cello under the shadow of his family.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Arrived on Austrian soil not 4 hours ago. 22 hours of traveling definitely takes a toll on you. Only managed to have 5 hours of sleep on the plane.

Fatigue is setting in. I already miss home and uncertainty is about to overwhelm my psychological state.

God is my only comfort. Pray for me if you are reading this.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

...on second thought...

The urge to blog today left me as soon as I arrived at the typing screen.


Monday, September 27, 2010


Boredom can do wonders to a person.

Thanks to it I am inspired to try cooking again. Spaghetti Bolognese on wednesday was good. Carbonara yesterday was a near disaster. Where does one find pecorino romano cheese in Singapore anyway? My next ambition would be fried rice. That's how noob I am.

But on to REAL food.

Handburger @ Somserset 313. The patty's good at medium rare. Just above the unassuming onion rings, which were tasty with a soft center (though a little too oily), is the chilled tomato stuffed with coleslaw. Adds a tangy touch to a refreshing side. Next stop for burgers would be Burger Bench & Bar at Cineleisure Orchard. Been always curious about that place.

nEbO @ AMK Hub. That was one big sandwich. My iPod's reference for size doesn't do it justice. One half of that is about the length of my palm, and 1.5 times the width of my hand. I only finished 1/4 of a half. (That means 1/8 of the entire sandwich.)

Despite all this eating and cooking, I'm still losing weight. I wonder why...